Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Choosing a direction

I've been busy. Very busy. And most of it has not been photography related. Cycle 61 Photography is still in operation, but on a very low-key basis. I've been picking up gigs here and there, but mostly been working at the regular job. As much as I'd like to make this a full-time gig, it's just not a reality for me right now. But I do plan to start ramping things back up, hopefully including this blog.

Which leaves me with a decision...for whom am I writing and posting? For my fellow photographers, for my potential clients, for myself?

There are hundreds of photographers who are operating beautiful and timely photo blogs, full of incredible images for their clients to see. There are many who dive deeper into the background, detailing lighting and business, challenges and solutions. There are gear reviews, there are sites that are full of links to everybody else's blogs and sites, and there's the Strobist and Joe McNally, who seem to put all of this together with flawless balance.

Perhaps I'll just return to posting up pictures and geek out whenever it seems appropriate.


Larry Eiss said...

I can totally understand where you are. I'd say that you should do what comes easiest. The Blog has to be prioritized after your job and new photography work, in my opinion.

I appreciate hearing your thoughts well enough that I subscribe to your RSS feed. Just do what you do.

Faraz said...

We'll be waiting

Did you go to the Mission Street Cafe meetup?