Saturday, January 26, 2008

Glass half full...

My brain on Strobist (2), originally uploaded by cycle61.

Found a broken glass in the sink last night, and couldn't let it go to waste. Decided to have some Strobist fun. Fortunately, it had snapped cleanly, so I was left with one solid chunk to lay on the surface. I went in search of an appropriate fluid to pour, and came up with a bottle of Pine-Sol, with a few drops of blue food coloring added. The glass sits upon a sheet of Plexi, with a paper towel underneath, which all sits on an inverted Tupperware tub containing my SB-800, aimed up at 1/32 power. The background is my kitchen door, lit (almost) white by an SB-600 at 1/8 power. Exposure is f/8 at ISO 200. Flashes triggered by Pocket Wizard and optical slave. Should be picking up another PW later this morning before the DPReview meetup at Mike Wong's studio in Fremont.
Best part of the photo for smelled like Pine-Sol, so my wife assumed I was cleaning and left me alone for the whole thing. And my SB-800 is really, really clean :-)

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