Saturday, January 19, 2008

Strobist lighting seminar preview

Tomorrow's the lighting seminar with David Hobby, Mister Strobist himself. Apparently David flew into town early, and did a secret seminar on the Google campus with some of the engineers there. A couple of very interesting portraits, shot in what could have been an ordinary setting. Check it out at the link above.
The seminar tomorrow should be great, breakfast with a few of the other guys, a morning of theory and demonstrations, lunch at Ming's, and an afternoon of shooting each other in various different setups, open discussion, and generally great geeky fun.
Unless it all descends into highly intelligent anarchy, which would be fine with me too.
Follow up post, and a detailed seminar writeup, with loads of pictures, should be up here by this time tomorrow, unless we're still at the bar.


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