Tuesday, March 18, 2008

At least somebody's feeling good

We get the coolest clouds around here
After a brief day of respite yesterday, my flu is back and really kicked my butt this morning. I've got to get over this thing, I can't afford any more time off of work, and I've hardly been able to think photography for well over a week now. But there have been a few things happening. More after the jump...

As I mentioned earlier, my landlord and I finally came to an agreement regrading use of the house to operate a business. This had been a major sticking point, and it meant that I'll be official by the end of March, where I had hoped for February. Oh well, at least the ball is rolling again. Next up is to get my paperwork from the VA to let the city know I'm a disabled vet, which will save some $$$ on the paperwork.

Next up is some more tabletop product photography I've been working on. I'm really enjoying the little PhotoFlex 12"x16" softbox for this kind of stuff, it's a cinch to work with and gives great results. No shortage of power either, with an SB-800 at 1/4 power I get f/11 to f/16, ISO 100 at 12-18" working distance. Much better control too, there's no way I could get the light to fade off like this into a black background with an umbrella.

By the way, I'm cleaning up my camera bag a bit, if anybody local is interested in an SB-600, a 50/1.8, a 105/2.5 AiS, a GorillaPod, or the above pictured F4, check the link here.

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