Sunday, March 16, 2008

A few hours out of the sickhouse

Our whole family has been hit hard by this flu that's going around, and after a week of trying to sleep it off every hour I'm not at work, I took the kids out to the park for a few hours. It feels great to be out of the house, but I sense I may be buying another day or two of misery. Hopefully not. We'll see.

The wedding album from Bryce and Danielle's wedding came in from Blurb on Friday, and is being delivered to the couple today. It's 20 pages hardcover, and it looks pretty nice. Next time I'll definitely include more pages, as the cost doesn't go up by much for an additional 10-20 pages.

My daughter's team took first place in their division at the regional tournament yesterday, and they're moving up to state in a few weeks. Pictures and more detail later, if I'm still feeling OK when we get home.


Sean said...

Nick, what park is that? That slide looks awesome!

Nick Davis said...

Hey Sean!

It's Mission Hills Park in Pleasanton. That's actually only about the bottom 2/3 of the slide! The kids love it.

Sean said...

Thanks for the info, Nick. Maybe we can stop by there sometime (kind of out of our way, but who knows?).