Monday, March 3, 2008

Help send me to ASMP!

As you all know, I'm building a business here, and now I need your help. This will only take a minute of your time, and won't cost a penny. Thanks in advance. Here's the deal:
Chase Jarvis, master photographer, outdoor guy, and businessman supreme, has posted an offer on his blog to send one fortunate photographer to the ASMP Strictly Business II Conference in Chicago on April 11-13, all expenses paid. More about the conference, from their website:

ASMP’s Strictly Business 2 is a weekend conference that will teach you real-world business skills and help you thrive in our highly competitive industry. SB2 brings you consultations, lectures, video presentations, a keynote address, workshops, hands-on negotiating training, and social gatherings to share and learn from your peers. This weekend will change the way you look at your business — join us.

The contest is a two step process, first you nominate yourself with an essay, up to 100 words, then you get friends, family, co-workers, associates, etc to post their support for you. This is where I need your help.

If you're reading this blog, if you like the concepts and premise of what I'm doing, if you believe that passion, beauty, art, and business can coexist and thrive, then please take a look at Chase's offer, and then hit the link here to post a comment on his page in support of Cycle 61 Photography. Be sure to include my name, website (this one) and why you think I should be chosen to attend the conference.

My essay is simple. It's the opening paragraphs of "Welcome to Cycle 61 Photography" I believed in it then, and I believe in it now. Here it is again:
My name is Nick Davis, I'm an amateur photographer with professional aspirations, and I have committed to building the entity known to me as Cycle 61 Photography into a real, legitimate, licensed, legal, profitable, and above all, sustainable business. In keeping with the wonderful open-source, open book, free sharing mindset that has developed in the photographic community in the internet age, this process is going to be open for all to follow along the way. There will be pitfalls, setbacks and triumph, challenges and conquests, anguish, stress, beauty, and light. Always light. Photography is about light, after all.

Thank you as always for your help and support. My endeavor would not be possible without it. Cycle 61 exists, in large part, because of and for you.


marco said...


I'm an italian photographer, just beginning in the photo business as you are. I saw your message in Chase's blog; I've nominated myself also.

I wanted to get in touch with you just because we "are on the same boat" (Italian slang to say we are in the same conditions, or troubles) ;)

Anonymous said...

Dude - I read your blog most days and enjoy it and I too would like to go pro someday, but I didn't read anywhere on Chase's blog were complete strangers should vote for one another. In keeping with how I interpret Chase's offer, sorry man, you got to stand on your own two feet and have people that actually know you and can say something truthful about you do the voting.

Douglas said...

Hey Nick.

I just discovered your blog and read all your entries. It sounds like a cliche here now, but I'm in a similar situation trying to go pro (again). I've been a pro (staff photojournalist) and a freelancer for a few years, but gave it up to earn a steady paycheck to support my fledgling family. You've inspired me to give it another crack it.

So, good luck. I'll follow your blog closely. And if you're chosen for Chase's ASMP scholarship (I just nominated you), I'd be living vicariously through you.


Nick Davis said...

First, thanks for reading along. Here's my take on Chase's offer, and my request. Firstly, my readership is fairly small, generally less than a hundred visitors a day. Many of them I know personally, and this is an easy way for me to get a message out to my friends and associates.
Secondly, Chase did mention network building. I am using this blog as a networking tool, and it has proven remarkably effective in that regard. I may not know you, but you know quite a bit about me by now. I see it not so much asking for total strangers to vote for me, as asking those who appreciate and are maybe inspired by what I'm doing to lend a voice of support.