Monday, August 25, 2008

Sigma 150/2.8 Macro

In lieu of the ubiquitous 70-200, I decided to go a different route for my fast telephoto needs, and after much research came up with the Sigma 150mm f/2.8 macro. Shutterbug Magazine did a review of it a while back, and had only good things to say. I personally like the fact that it has macro capability (full 1:1 with no extra attachments needed!) and that it's about half the size and less than half the cost of the 70-200. I've found this lens balances very, very well on the D700, and I've been able to handhold it down to about 1/60th with excellent results.

Downsides (after a few weeks use) seems to be a slower autofocus, especially in poor light, and the focus ring turns the opposite direction than Nikon lenses do, which is a bit counterintuitive when trying to tweak focus a bit, or get it in the right vicinity so the AF can do it's thing. After Saturday's wedding, I also think mine may front-focus a bit at long ranges. That, however, can be adjusted if necessary.

Pictures after the break..

Wedding, from the upper balcony of the church. 1/80th f/5, ISO 2200

Flower girl, natural light portrait outside the church. 1/160th f/3.0 ISO 200

David, portrait by camping lantern and glowstick. 1/25th f/3.2 ISO 3200

Pretty much my only macro shot so far. For size reference, the background is the knitting on a pink t-shirt. The whole pin is maybe 3/4" across. 1/1000th f/8, ISO 200

And a candid shot at the poker tournament yesterday. Shot with the D200 (so actually 225mm equivalent) 1/200th at f/4, ISO 400 with flashes on lightstands bounced off the ceiling from the corners of the room.

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