Saturday, August 9, 2008


It's been a great week, camping and fishing up here in the lakes of upstate New York. Back in gear next week, but it's been a very relaxing, and much needed break. More to come in a few days. Lots of big stuff going on.


Anonymous said...

I have a question about the way you make your posts. How do you get the "readmore" part of your post to work. I have tried for hours to get the HTML to work correctly and just can't seem to make it happen. I've searched all over blogger and the web in hopes of finding the way to make the template expand like yours does. Sorry to ask such a mundane question but thought you might be of some help

Thanks in a advance,

Nick Davis said...

Hey Jason, hope you're still checking in. I wish I could remember exactly how I did it, but I spent a lot of time last year plowing my way through the HTML to get this site set up the way I liked it, and I've largely brain-dumped the stuff I learned. I do know I have a customized template set up, and a lot of the code had to go in there. Blogger has some fairly helpful tutorials if you search their how-to archives. There's a ton of websites with similar information.