Monday, August 25, 2008

Wedding in the dark

Picked up another second shooter gig off of craigslist for Saturday afternoon. I was hired just to shoot the ceremony by "My Perfect Day Media" a husband and wife video/photo team based out of Los Angeles. The money wasn't much, but I'm still in need of some better portfolio pictures, so I took it on.

The church was huge, and they were very specific about what they needed: a long-range shooter from the balcony in the back, a couple of wide shots with natural light, and whatever else I could come up with in an hour ceremony. The wide shots were easy, at 24mm on the D700, f/5 1/25th and around ISO 1600 to 2000. I tried a couple of different combinations for the longer shots, turns out the D200 with the 85/1.4 and the D700 with the Sigma 150 give me about the same images. The 700 shoots cleaner at higher ISO's, which makes up for the difference between the 1.4 and the 2.8. Ended up shooting the D200 wide and the D700 long, mostly around 1/80th wide open at ISO 2000-2500. Weird, and not at all what I expected, but it worked.

After the ceremony, I was able to get some nice portraits of the bridesmaids and flower girls, which will probably be my best payoff for the two hours or so I spent there. I hung around for the bride and groom making their departure, but the main photographers were all over the car like paparazzi, so I did what I could.

Good fun, and good practice, and a couple of good shots for the website.

And somebody hit my car while it was in the parking garage. Grrrrr

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Nice images.