Sunday, August 3, 2008

Time Machine

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Spent an afternoon in Oakland's DeFremery Park, somewhere back in 1969, as Angela Davis, a political activist on the FBI's most wanted list for her anti-war activities, gave her firey "Liberation of our People" speech to an eager crowd, gathered from all around.

Actually, this isn't Angela Davis, nor is it 1969. But for a few hours, it sure felt that way...

I generally avoid politics here, but when I saw an opportunity to get involved with Mark Tribe's Port Huron Project, I couldn't resist. It's a series of re-enactments of some of the most famous speeches from the late sixties by figures such as Angela Davis, Cesar Chavez, Coretta Scott King, and others.

The people involved in the project are amazingly dedicated to what they are doing, and their passion for this movement is clear. The problems our country faces today are frighteningly similar to those of forty years ago, and now, as then, there is a rising tide of discontent and voices that will not be silenced. Mark and his crew are using these bits of history to hold up a mirror to modern society, and to the people who would stand by and wonder when somebody's going to do something about it.