Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vacation Pictures

New York Summer

How bad can it be to spend a week in a place that looks like this?

More pics after the jump.

Welcoming Commitee

The new portable traveling dog, Eddie. The full-size dog was traded in a few months ago.

Lake Seneca shoreline

Some flowers by the shore of Seneca Lake. Note the artsy vignetting. I didn't until it was too late. Need a thinner polarizer. Maybe I could crop it square and have a really expensive Holga.


My uncle, doing one of his favorite things in life, sitting at a campground surrounded by family.


Feet. I love feet. They say as much about a person as hands, sometimes.


My mom's new place. They're on the road full time, as of a few days ago!


Hi Mom! (Ya gotta look at me next time :-)


This one raised some questions. Like "Why the heck are you sticking your camera in the fire!?!?!"

...still better than working!

You know what they say about a bad day fishing...

Catch of the day

My little girl... this kid may look cute, but she's a fish killer!

Feet II

More feet. Well, same feet, later in the week. My girl hates this picture, but I don't think she reads the blog. You never can tell with seven year olds these days.


Tupperware Archaeology.


D700, 50/1.4, and a campfire. What more do you need?

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Anonymous said...

She has the most adorable feet! They're so cute! I just wanna kiss them!