Monday, February 11, 2008

All work and no play...

Nothing official today, just some images from our trip up to the mountains this weekend. I took the kids, loaded up all our coats and sleds, headed out around 8am, and by 11 we were up Highway 80 in ten feet of snow. The weather was very warm, almost 50 degrees (!) which initially was quite nice, but everybody rapidly got soaked and went through two sets of clothes in three hours. We all head a great time, and came back with some fun pictures as well. Enjoy!

Blake sets up for a run down the hill.

Kati hauls her sled back to the top of the slope.

Flying down the hill, snow spraying everywhere.

The girls catch air off a bump during a fast run.

Bethanie slides safely to a stop. Love the light on this one.

And of course, the sunset over the highway as we begin our long drive home.

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Mike said...

Haha, that looks fun =)