Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Alamy update: 90% Success = 100% Failure

Quick update here. I got an email from Alamy this morning regarding my images I submitted for QC. They completed their review much more quickly than I had expected, only taking a week instead of the stated 25 days. Of the ten images I submitted (I was only supposed to submit four)nine passed QC. Unfortunately, 90% isn't good enough for them. The one that failed was the shot of the kid's sandals on a ramp down into the water with a pair of feet wading in the background. Their stated reasons for failing the image were "Interpolation artifacts" and "Soft or lacking definition" Pictures and thoughts after the jump.

Although I knew their policies going in, this seems a bit silly to me. I'm undecided as to whether I want to re-upload four of the images, leaving out the failed one, or just take a pass on the whole thing and stick to one agency for now. PhotoShelter has been very good for me so far, I'm thinking that using them exclusively for a while might be a good plan.


MikLav said...

photoshelter collection is nice, but it is brand new and hardly makes much sales (yet).

Alamy is a well established and growing business.

The choice in indeed yours but I wouldn't give up with Alamy just yet. Despite their weird rule of rejecting batches if one photo failed QC, in general they are quite easy with acceptance.

Anonymous said...

With stock, as a strategy, more agencies is definitely better than fewer. Yes, alamy has gotten very strict about image quality (i had to resort to submitting images one at a time for a stretch until I figured out what step in my new post-processing workflow was messing things up), but they do a solid business, probably the biggest for a portal. Of all the agencies I'm with, they've made me the most money, which as a pro, has to be a major concern. (And I have had numerous images accepted by photoshelter than were rejected by alamy; which actually makes me worry a bit about photoshelter.)