Friday, February 22, 2008

San Jose group shot is on Strobist!

IMG_3500, originally uploaded by ecphoto.

Our group shot from the San Jose meetup just got posted on Strobist for all the world to see. Awesome for the group, it's like winning the lottery (except without all the money). One of the responding comments, however, leads me to ponder a few things....

One commenter, who chose to remain anonymous so he could be vicious and ignorant all at the same time, decided to jump in and attack our picture, our meetup, and Strobist in general, saying
Here's what I'd like to see: Frame after frame after frame to see how the recycle went down with an approximate recycle time. Next I'd like to see the image at least 6 inches wide, 1200 pixels maybe, so I could see how this could be used by someone for a printed piece, you know resolution , apparent depth of field, for that degree of enlargement. Here is my point: awesome job on the firing of the strobes and I'm assuming you didn't pop any heads for the final image from others, but beyond the web how usable is a dinky picture? David mixes in photo shoots from uber shooters and I think my greatest fear is that people will read what they want about how simple it is to knock out a great website images and then promote themselves as working photographers in some sort of editorial or corporate manner and fail miserably when it comes to the non web world of off set printing. I don't shoot in burst but when I have attorneys or high paid people in front of me, especially groups of them it's just not kosher to hope that I get one frame where everything fired on schedule after waiting for ever for the recycle on my miniature strobes. As far as 1200 pixels wide I meant at a higher ppi, and btw when I pulled off the file from the group shot it came up to 500 wide at 72ppi. I'm not arguing that one can't have fun enjoying any hobby, but that hobby has turned into pseudo professional careers for lots of folks and I'm trying to clarify that when David mixes Annie and Platon with you guys some folks may not really know the difference other than opportunity. And as far as what mr green shirt was holding , it was in jest, it looks like he's holding something other than a camera. Have fun but don't quit your day job. Also thanks for buying gear it helps solve lots of issues that would previously taken for ever to resolve in the past world of pros testing gear.

I'm sorry, but where is this guy coming from? Sounds to me like a frightened and semi-uneducated "Pro" who is feeling threatened by a bunch of us amateurs with our toy flashes. Somebody please slap me if I ever sound that way.

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