Friday, February 8, 2008

Alamy rejection part II

Alamy has officially irritated me now. I'm starting to think they aren't going to be a big part of my business plan at this point. After the first rejection, when I had submitted ten images and they rejected the whole batch on account of one, I basically assumed the other 9 were going to be OK. So I picked four of those, and re-submitted the images in strict accordance with their guidelines. And now it turns out that two of those four aren't going to cut it for them. Here are the failed images, with Alamy's explanation. Click on the pictures to see them 1000 pix wide in a new window.

Image #1: DSC_9883.jpg
Soft or lacking definition

It's supposed to be a little soft. It's a kid running on the beach in the fog, for crying out loud. It sharpens up nicely, but y'all said NOT to do that.

Image #2: Lighthouse and beach.jpg
Interpolation artifacts

Interpolation artifacts my ass. It's a frickin' film scan, there is no interpolation going on here!

Seriously, if my initial ten pics had come back with six rejected, I certainly wouldn't have re-submitted any of those six. Instead, they only listed one failure, then slammed me with two more on the second attempt. I'm sorely tempted to submit the two images they accepted this time, along with two more, and see how many rejects they come up with.

There may be a third chapter to this soon. Depends on how funny this all seems in the morning.

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StockPhotoJourney said...

I think that is an issue with every stock site. They have a pool of reviewers and depending on who you get, what mood then are in, and how there monitor is calibrated. Sadly I think it is just part of the game.

Some stock agency could make everyone a lot happier with a much better feedback loop. If someone could use the tech that flickr uses to comment on sections of the photo and REQUIRE reviewers to comment on rejections, and provide a mechanism for another review that is not overbearing for the agency. I think everyone would be a lot happier.

It does seem insane that pictures previously accepted are now rejected.