Thursday, February 7, 2008

Cycle 61 Photography, action step #1

Dropping the bomb...

This afternoon I took what is the first significant action step on my way to building Cycle 61 into a real, live photography business. I’ve needed to make some significant changes to my life for quite a while now, and although I’ve been waffling about doing this for several months, I now find that I have adequate motivation to do so. What I did today should free up many hours of my week, and many brain cycles that are currently absorbed by the stress of my job.

I have previously mentioned my day job, and not in glowing terms. I work for a major Toyota supplier in California, and early last year I accepted a "Promotion" to a supervisory position, overseeing a maintenance group. The net effect on my life was an increase in my workload of 15-20 hours per week, the loss of any predictability in my schedule or shift assignment, and a significantly elevated stress level. Oh, and they paid me about $1.20 an hour more, but I lost my Christmas bonus, or most of it.

The only reason I held on this long was that I have a deep-seated aversion to failure, and to drop the position would have felt like a failure to me. But now, I'm working towards something, not running away from something. So in the interest of my family, and my business, I dropped the above letter on my boss' desk this afternoon.
Wish me luck.


StockPhotoJourney said...

Wait whats that I hear in the background?

"Take this job and shove it...."

Nick Davis said...

If that's playing in the background, I would love to crank it up. But alas, I must have a paycheck for a while yet. Maybe I can orchestrate some sort of Chase Jarvis-like break where my first job is a five-figure commercial account...maybe then.

Anders said...

Well done -- above all, your photography endeavors need lots of time. Of course, not forgetting your family in the process too.

Rick said...

Cool - A real dear John letter ;-)