Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cycle 61 Photography: Baby steps

After outlining my goals over the last two days, today I'm going to lay down a couple of action steps that need to happen in order to get the ball rolling towards reaching those goals. These are my baby steps. No point trying to leap tall buildings right out of the gate (I'll get to that soon enough), let's try walking a bit first. A few of the little things I'm going to be working on, after the jump. And apologies to my son for the picture above, he's four now and I don't have a good recent picture that could illustrate "Baby steps"
The first step, and one that will be a continual challenge for me, is keeping up with the volume of correspondence and communication that any business generates. Already, a number of people have spoken up in the comments, and I intend to keep in touch with you guys. StockPhoto, I will definitely be in touch about the tax guy. I think I'm too late for 2007, but if so, I'm going to find out why and what I could have done differently. Paul Treacy, yes, let's keep tabs. I'd be interested in hearing more about your experiences over the last 15 years, and I'll be digging into your website more soon. Sean, thanks again for the post, sometimes I'm more about passion than brains, but I usually figure it out in the end. I read your business plan post from last year, and there's a lot of things in there that I need to explore. Aczyzyk, thanks for the support. I'm following a dream here, maybe I can inspire a few others to do the same.
And Mom, I know you left a comment but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I love you!
Baby step #2 is that I need to get a lot of my good material onto Photoshelter, and very quickly. Something big is about to happen. I'm so excited about it I'm bubbling, but I'll have to keep the cat in the bag for another few days. Stay tuned...
And speaking of baby steps, today the Strobist goes way back to basics, with a cool reader-submitted video that's Pre-Lighting 101 for those who aren't yet comfortable with the basics. It's a very good place to begin if you're just starting to explore off-camera lighting. I hope David keeps it in a prominent spot in his site.

Today is Super Tuesday. Get out and vote! That's where I'm headed to right now.

Tomorrow: More action steps, and maybe some big news!


Paul Treacy said...

When they're four they leap tall buildings, right? Or try to. At least ming do.


Paul Treacy

Paul Treacy said...

That should be "mine".

StockPhotoJourney said...

Dude your killing me with all the "big news" talk!

Federica said...

Great job! Keep at it and I am sure you will be successful. Just one tip that many photographer friends suggest me all the time: JUST GO OUT AND SHOT! What it takes to take a great pictures FOCUS,in every respect focus.
Good luck