Friday, February 15, 2008

Rest in Peace, Buttercup

Today's business building has been interrupted by a death in the family. Buttercup, my oldest daughter's guinea pig (on the right in the above picture), was killed in an unfortunate encounter with our large and apparently hungry German Shepherd, Bruno. Honey, the critter on the left, escaped unharmed but certainly frightened, and Bruno is permanently located outside until further notice. Life throws tough lessons at little kids sometimes. Losing a pet is bad enough, but to have it eaten by another one of the family has been rough on the kids. They're doing OK now, and although we'll be feeling this one for a while, life goes on.

In business news, I sent an email to my cousin regarding the shoot for his theater group, reminded my landlord that I need his signature on the papers to operate a business out of my (his) house, and have been going through some of my pictures from the last week or so for potential stock material. I'm having a hard time deciding, as I thought some of the pictures they kicked back last week were really good, and I don't want my "rejected" percentage to get any higher than it already is. I'll finish that tomorrow, it's been an emotional afternoon around here.


Mike Normandeau said...
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Andy said...

I doubt it's any consolation to the family, but guinea pigs are actually used as a food source in some parts of south america. Wikipedia has a reference, if you're curious.

On another note, thanks for sharing everything on this site. It's really intriguing and inspirational.