Thursday, February 21, 2008

Got a better picture with my cell phone...

My remote timelapse of the evening sky and the moon transit was unfortunately interrupted when my battery died midway through the eclipse, mostly due to an ESO fault(*). Left the backlight on for the top LCD. Pretty much cuts the battery life in half. Ah well. One more for the excuse list. The video came out alright, however, all five seconds of it. Amazing how fast three hours go by at 25 fps.

* ESO=Equipment Smarter than Operator

*EDIT* Removed link to really poor quality sunset video. You want to see some cool time-lapse stuff, check out Time Lapse Crane.

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StockPhotoJourney said...

Only 1 battery!??!?!? Shame on you :-)

Lake of built in intervolometer is a real pisser on my Rebel XTI.