Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sunset at the Firefalls

Last light on Horsetail Falls

I've got to get back to reality one of these days, but I had so much fun in the snow this weekend that my car accidentally made a left turn yesterday morning and whaddaya know, all of a sudden I'm in Yosemite...

What is this you see above? Glad you asked. Answers after the jump.

Last light on Horsetail Falls

Every February in Yosemite, the last rays of the setting sun crawl across the face of El Capitan, leaving the granite wall darkened except for a glorious light show on Horsetail falls. The only thing predictable about this event is the week or so that it might happen, as the falls are fed only by snowmelt, and the combination of heavy snow, warm weather, and clear evening must be perfect to ignite the falls as seen here.

I honestly had no idea that this was going to be happening until about an hour before sunset. I had kinda bounced around the valley for most of the afternoon, shooting a bit and trying to find a good spot for sunset, when I remembered Galen Rowell's description of the firefalls in his book "Mountain Light" He had said that the conditions were unpredictable, but it happens mid-February if it's going to happen at all. Hey, look at that, it's mid-February! Found a couple of people with long glass, looking like they were going somewhere purposeful, and sure enough, they're headed to the south bank of the Merced river to shoot the falls. I tag along, set up on the snowy river bank, and watch the magic for a half hour or so.

Truly one of nature's wonders. I'm blessed to have been able to witness it.

If you like this kind of stuff, definitely check out the Little Red Tent blog, written by photographer Edie Howe, a nice gal who just happens to live in the park...

More business building to come tomorrow. I have been busy working on my action steps, I promise.

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